Ryan Tuck

Ryan Tuck

Ryan Tuck is an AAPF accredited professional farrier offering service within 150 miles of Knoxville, TN. He is educated in advanced equine hoof care, having graduated from Wolverine Horse Shoeing School. As a professional farrier, he is constantly seeking more education in his field to keep his skills fresh and up to date with the latest research, attending continued education programs yearly including the National Hoof Care Summit.

He has nearly 20 years worth of experience shoeing, riding, breaking and training horses as a top hand with industry leading horseman around the United States. He is a full-service farrier, able to evaluate, make decisions and apply technique on site. With a fully-equipped work trailer that can even forge custom shoes if necessary.

Over a decade of experience as a professional rider, and veterinary technician, he is a a horseman before anything else. Smoke, alcohol and tobacco free, helping create a professional work environment conducive to focusing on the horses needs, as well as the needs of owners, vets and other equine professionals.

Schedule your lessons, competitions, and life without worry. Horses with health issues, injuries, heavy training schedules, or special needs of any kind are given the individual attention and care needed to attain and maintain soundness. Tuck believes in being educated in all methods of hoof care both scientific and holistic. Every horse receives appropriate hoof care based off the individual's needs.